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New Lincoln multi process inverter

blue dog

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Guess Lincoln is trying to give thermal arc 211 fabricator and the miller 200 a run for there money.

The Lincoln is rumored to list at $999.00

Lincoln says the Power MIG 210MP duty cycle is:

MIG/Flux-Cored: 200A at 25%
TIG: 175A at 30%
Stick: 175A at 25%

(better than Miller multimatic 200, 150A @ 20%)

It's also spool gun ready.

Option for TIG foot pedal. TIG is DC only.

Not sure when it will be released, rumored in October.

Looks like good bang for the buck in a multi process machine that is easily portable.

Have never used the TWECO unit, but have played with a thermal arc fabricator, and it was a nice machine. Basically the same machine wearing different outfit.

Welding machine inverter technology is sure making for small but powerful machines now days.

Anyway, $999.00 seems cheap to me for a inverter multi process machine.