New Mexico 200


I thought I'd recap my day at the New Mexico 200.

In one sentence.

This is a legit desert race. Full team of Medical staff on site, lifeflight helo on standby. (Fortunately they didn't have to go into action all day)

If you want good seat time. Test out a new setup. Or let team members try out a new role. OR get someone else in the drivers seat, OR give your sponsors (race partners), wives , girlfriends, sons, daughters, some co-dog seat time without all the pressure that is The Mint 400, Vegas to Reno, Laughlin, Pahrump, Tonopah. This is the place to do it. 200 mile race with 20 mile laps, plenty of time to test, tune, improve on your pit stop, race prep, comms, chase crew game.

Racing on private land is a different game in terms of restrictions and limitations. The racing organization has ALOT more flexibility. This translates into a relaxed environment.

For anyone on the fence, or within driving distance ... I drove almost 7 hours just to volunteer. I have no dog in the fight. Didn't know any racers there, Didn't know any of the Outlaw Dessert racing staff.

If nothing else come out, support the sport, help grow the "budget league" racers.

I had a Great time! was worth the price of admission ($5) and would make the drive(almost 7 hours) again
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Not sure how I missed this. I can add the races to our calendar. It looks like there is one more race in July?
Curtis, Yes you can add our raced to the calendar. We are working on a couple more events and also run events in Arizona for UTV Rally and International Off-Road Expo (also in Mexico for same group).

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