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New Off Road Mag

John Bitting

Got the new off-road mag and it has the Riviera race truck and prerunner. Its a really interesting article on the prerunner like that fact that the cab was widened 6 inches.. I would have never known that.. If you dont have a subscription go buy it.. Its got a bitchin air shot too.. I remember one of our readers got to ride in that truck the day of the shoot.. Some guys have all the luck. :)


I rode in their race truck last night. Man was it awewome....oh, then I woke up!



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Look carefully at the grill and headlights.....is something strange or what?

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I know your answer Pops its Tundra headlights without the sidemarkers. The grill was cut smaller to look Toyota'isc....


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i was the lucky rider...my friend is a photographer for the magazine. i helped wipe the dust off between pics, and it earned me a ride....and i'd do it again. i haven't seen the mag yet, but i'm told that you can maybe make me out in the 3rd seat in one of the shots...but don't quote me on that, cuz i don't know which shots ended up in the final cut.


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well, i got to see the mag finally, and that may or may not be my head in the middle seat in the back. i just figured you'd be able to see my ear to ear grin more clearly....hmmmmph


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I got my magazine on Thursday, my only complaint is the size of the pix. Very small and detail is hard to see. No shots of the interior either?

Owell, I dont make a magazine, so I cant complain..


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Its pissing me off, I havent been able to find a place with the newest mag yet. All last months issue.

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check out off-roadweb.com....that's the magazine's website. it also features some extra stuff not found in the mag, like a shot of the interior......