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New Off-Road Prep/Fab Shop in Salt Lake

Blake Stewart

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Misfit Garage is a brand new shop that just opened in South Jordan, Utah in the Salt Lake Valley. We come from a desert racing background, as well as venturing into short course. We have prepped 7200, 6100, Class 10, Pro Lite, Pro 2, and short course and desert UTVs. We are fully setup to do all fab work, including aluminum work.
If you need any kind of work done on your race or play vehicle please feel free to contact us.


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Blake does great quality work and will exceed your expectations! If you are in the Utah area and need a prep shop, do not hesitate and call these guys. You will not regret it..


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I think you guys will be busy, places like this need you guys, good luck!!! Keep us updated on the projects you work on.


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Working for anyone who races BOR? That's about as local a market as it gets.


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Read the look out threads in here ! Dont be that guy ! 90 hr weeks and good luck to you.


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Read what threads? I don't know what you're saying.
Blake he is talking about the forum section called "Look Out" its a forum where people post about being screwed by some shop. 43mod is just saying don't end up in that forum. I had not seen it until today, some interesting post. LOL



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Same as Gas Monkeys Spin off?
Looks like it. The business name of the garage in the show is Fired Up Garage. If someone makes an automotive business called Misfit Garage there is a good chance Craig Piligan’s lawyers will come a knockin’. I wouldn’t want to connect my brand to those Hee Haw rejects anyway. Of course if someone had The Misfits playing in their garage I’d be down with it...