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New Pictures Up & More to Come!


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Pictures from the Deaver Springs meeting are now up on prerunners.com! If you missed the meeting I hope you find the time to go check out the shop. It's pretty damn cool. And Jeff, Gary, and the rest of the folks at Deaver are soooooooo nice! Also, Deaver offers a 10% discount to Inland Prerunners members, so if you need new leaf packs just give them a call! There'll be a ton more new pictures up on the site before the week's over with (May meeting, Malibu Dan's event, and my birthday...let's just say my truck went bigger than ever for my birthday...of course, I wasn't behind the wheel for the BIG stuff but then again I know my truck's limits unlike some people *ahem greg*...Dan Vance had people gathering from everywhere, even across the street and there were APPLAUDING...as if he needed any more enocuragement to go big huh?).

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