New products you should know about!


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We have a lot of new products that just arrived. First, is the new Fox 2.5x8" Travel shocks. Fox has had a line of 2.5" shocks for a long time but not in 8" travel. Since we sell a lot of kits that require 8" travel shocks, Fox made them available in coilover only for now. These shocks compliment all CST coilover kits and come valved for a fullsize truck.

The second product that has just come out today is the 4WD Tacoma Kit from Total Chaos. This is the first ever 4WD long travel kit that is 100% bolt-on. It is designed to use the axles off of the Toyota Tundra to compensate for the 3" wider arms. More info can be found on our website, KARTEK
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