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New "Race Results" section

Some of you might have noticed this already but for everyone else I wanted to let you know that Klaus created a new section in the forum called Race Results a couple of days ago (below Desert Racing in the forum list).

I posted threads for SCORE, BITD, MORE, SNORE, Ultra4 and NORRA and more will be added as I have time. The focus is on results so they are all in one place and easy to find. But I also added maps and links to our race coverage if we have it. These threads will be locked and sticky and for now new threads can be started if it's something related to results. And yes, I would like to go backwards and list pre 2018 races.

There is a link to the files under each race name and all of the files also show as attachments in the thread.

Race Results


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Very cool. Great idea!!

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