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New rc project


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Ended up using a different interior than what I planned but it still came out ok . Was planning on using the Rc4wd interior but it was a royal pain in the ass to put together so I substituted it with the Tamiya Bruiser reproduced interior . It turned out ok after I made a few changes . The steering wheel and shifter is out of an Axial scx10 detail kit , the flooring I made from a toolbox drawer liner and the sun tinting is from a HPI Venture sticker kit I had laying around . Only thing that sucks is I won’t be able to get a driver in it but I guess I can’t have everything lol
before pics

after pics

XR Baja

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Just purchased this truck for my 11 year old son. We are having a blast just bashing around with it.
Prolly will keep it bone stock.
Purchased (2) Lipo 5400 mAh batteries to run it. We are new to the RC world.



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Welcome to the world of rc . Best thing to do is to upgrade as you break or need to replace stuff . Keep it stock for now have fun with it and upgrade as you go . If ya decide to give racing a shot start out in a beginner class and work your way up . Bash or race either way you’ll be addicted soon enough lol