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New rookie truck racers

mark slater

Hello all,
This is Mark Slater, my son Scott and I just finished our first desert race in a class 1450 toyota 4 cylinder pick up, #1460. We have been building the truck for the last year with help from Jimmie coleman of finish line fabrication. We thought this race would be a good way to get our feet wet and learn how the truck handles and how to drive it. I am very hasppy with our performance, finishing in 9th place. I would have been happy just to finish.

We have been racing dirt bikes competetively in district 37 grand prix and Enduro's for the past ten years. At 47 years old I am not healing as fast as I used to so, as the old saying goes, WITH AGE COMES A CAGE, and we both enjoyed the race very much and look forward to this coming season.

We plan to run most of the MDR california series and some MORE races.


Mark Slater



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Mark / Scott - welcome and congrats on the solid finish at the Dash, your truckd looked good! Great to see more teams, look forward to meeting up,

Rich / Cameron - #1461.