*NEW* Rugged Tough Weatherproof Lineup


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We recently came out with our Brand new RH5X weatherproof handheld radio which is GREAT if you're looking for a new durable handheld radio. But what about the equipment you already have? When it comes to battling the environment, we knew we couldn't stop there. Introducing our new Rugged Tough lineup.

First up is our new protective bags:

From headsets to radios, we have 'em covered....literally. We have the RBAG-XL with enough padding to protect your handhelds from the abuse of heavy use, and can provide extra impact protection. The loop on the back lets you mount it to a handlebar, belt, cage, etc
The HS4-BAG protects your headsets from dust, dirt, and sand during storage. Fits 4 headsets whether they're over or behind the head design.

Next is a splash cover for the VX2200 mobile radio:

The WP-COVER is a splash cover that can be installed over the VX2200 to protect it from extreme conditions. Foam gasket seal stops water from working its way into the front of your radio, allowing you to wash your vehicle interior without worrying about getting the radio wet. Also comes paired with a VX2200 faceplate style bracket in the FP-WP-VX2200-KIT

And finally, a kit to help retrofit your current equipment with weather protective components:

The WATERPROOF-KIT contains everything you need to keep water, dust and debris out of any ports or jacks that are not in use. Perfect for when you're storing the vehicle or washing out the weekend dust and dirt.
Comes with:
- Dura-Link plugs to protect your offroad style intercom cables
- RJ-45 dustcap to protect the hand-mic port on your radio from accumulating dust
- 3.5mm plugs to seal up the music and cell ports you may not be using on your intercom
- Silicone o-rings to create a seal between offroad style connectors that are in use

Using these new products will definitely extend the life of your equipment, maximizing the investment you've put, or are putting, into your vehicle.