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New Skunk Workz


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Since I haven't seen any comments on the new Skunk Workz car I'll start them! First question is why? Why a twin engine setup? To me thats just another problem waiting to happen. Second, what is that large gold anodized looking box? Is it like a v-drive thing or a transfer case? Third, when will it debut and where?
Thats it for now.


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Anyone know when this thing is gonna run? Mike, my guess on the gold gear box is that it's reverse. Looks like they are using the motorcycle gearbox and driving off the countershaft. So,
they built a reverser. I love anything that is outside the box...however, I have a nagging question in my mind. If both engines are controlled by 1 throttle pedal, what happens when both ends of the car are not hooking up the same. i.e. , large whoops, the front engine might be free revving while the rear is hooked up. Just a thoght... Anyone have further info. ???

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As to the Gold box's purpose, see my posting on the topic in Shop.


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Many years back, Formula 1 cars used to run a "driveline brake" for traction control in the rain. Everytime the rear wheels would brake loose, the brake would be applyied (in thousandths of a second) to the driveline. It was controlled by an on-board coputer. Pretty trick! This was determined to be an unfair advantage by the FIA. I don't know if this is what the gold thing is but it would kind of make sense to control the traction in dirt. I couldn't tell if the gold box was on both ends. Just a thought.

If you scroll down from the pics. it list all the info it says that part is a "quick change final drive" I dont know what it does for sure but thats what it is....

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I e-mailed Jefferson with Racefab about this thread and he will sign up an address all questions in rgeards to his new vehicle.


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I believe Rodney is correct on the "Gold Box".....it's a reversing unit. Scooter trannies have no reverse. From there, power
goes to the "quick change" differential. Here is a similar setup on the pony Express buggy in Skunkworks.....
Why don't these teams use a transmission that includes a reverse? Is it a weight, reliability, or cost issue?

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If you're using a scooter motor it's only natural to use the cool sequential transmission that comes with it......"most" scooters don't have reverse.

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That unit is a B&J, or a Lenco drag race reverser, can't quite tell from the pic and it's been a while since I played with either. Either trans might make an interesting 2WD off road trans. Can shift them with levers or CO2 w/o a clutch stab or throttle lift, have as many gears as you have room for (each gear is in it's own case and the cases stack together), pretty much bullet proof for this app since they'll take ~5000 HP (Lenco's anyway) pretty solidly hooked to the ground. I've even seen a QC diff bolted directly onto the reverser. Only issue might be lifespan, not sure what their MTBF is.


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Hi my name is Jefferson and I am with Racefab Inc.
I am sorry that I have taken so long to reply. The major topic so far has been the "gold box." Most of you all were right it is a reverser box that is made by a company in Europe called Quaife. If there is any other questions that I can answer for you please fill free to ask. We are very excited about the twin-engine machine and it will debut in SCORE races in 2002.


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Mike McCluskey
Just was reviewing what people have written about the vehicle and noticed that you mentioned that the twin engine vehicle just was more things to go wrong.
Well this would be true is the engines were inter-connected, however the engines are on totally different systems. This means that if we blow a engine, have transmission trouble, or any thing goes wrong, we simply shut that system off and limp into our pit where it can be worked on. In this case it would be more like a redundant system.
Did Rick Sieman have something to do with this design?

IMHO, their are too many things to go wrong. Even if there is a redundant power source, the car will not be competitive in that form. My guess is that such a condition will exist more often than not.

I'f I'm wrong, I'll retract.

Regardless, best of luck.



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I think I'm with pjc on this one. IMHO, the money spent engineering this car could have built a very competitive, reliable class one car.(I'm guessing the car cost a pretty penny to build, could be wrong) But you would have ended up with a JIMCO. Not taking away from what was done, the car is very much what offroad racing seems to be about. Trying new stuff. Not everyone will like it but you have to give them credit for at least trying it.
I don't remember, is this car 4wd or is it like a tractor pull setup running power into single unit.


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Mr. Jackson,

What are your intentions for this car? Do you plan on racing it in an existing class (if so, which one) or do you hope to create a new spec class?

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No, Rick Sieman had nothing to do with this vehicle. Is he working on something similar or do you think he is crazy also??
Yes, I agree reliability is very important, desert racing is the ultimate form of endurance motorsports. Multiple engines are not new to motorsports just new to desert racing, endurance sports car racing in Europe was dominated by twin engine cars in the early 1930’s until the sanctioning bodies eliminated them. The marine and aviation industry have both used multiple engines very successfully.
While the competitiveness of a new car is always a question there are many factors that make a winning effort. Driver ability and component reliability both are very important. This is why you will see teams with identical cars get total different results.
As far as this car being more problems, I can not see how having a separate extra drive system can hurt the reliability, but only the future will tell.
Pat, thanks for the luck, it is always welcome. I will email you when we bring it west again and perhaps you would like to see it/experience it first hand.
This vehicle is pre-approved for open competition in SCORE class one. Off-road is one of the few venues left in motorsports that still allows innovation, but in the end if we fail, at least we fail while daring greatly.
Now, that Cadillac has me thinking, two engines, two trans, Trophy Truck chassis………….