New to me vehicle time.

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Will be selling the first gen .


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2004 through 2008 Lexus GX470
Same as a Land Cruiser, Prada, Forerunner with boxed frame, 4 wheel drive, built like a brick s house, tons of mods out there including Overlander do-dads. 300k reliability
Sold my JK Rubicon and got the GX with leather seats. Great car for Baja for where I live and they’ll set you back around $14k to $19k. It’s a Toyota with a silly Lexus emblem
Cheers Baja Charlie


I own a '12 Tacoma and it suits my needs. The engine and trans are bulletproof. Never had a major problem with it so far. It is my DD but I do off road sometimes. I added fox shocks, a LED light bar and lift kit on it.


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Just rode in a 2019 4x4 CCLB Tacoma and was very surprised by the performance.

Went to glamis, drove to Oldsmobile and 3/4 way up on highway pressure.

They severely lack torque (3.5L v6) but have ok power when you rev them high.


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My Toyota guru says the 4.0 in the older Tacoma 05 to 15 I think he said is the better motor than 3.5 because it has more tourqe than the 3.5 plus it has a timing chain & not a belt

The reason I asked him about these trucks is that I'm in the market for a light run around 4x4 truck and have owned a Toyota many years ago & beat the living shizt out of it and survived me @ 18 years old on the oil rigs in Wyoming circa 1979......gawd I'm old
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3.5 hasn't been around long enough to know how good it's going to be but my guess is it'll end up being another legendary toyota engine. 4.0 and 3.5 are both timing chain motors so tell your toyota guru to do his homework before trying to come off as a good source of knowledge. Yeah 3.5s nor a 3.4 have the torque of the 4.0. But the 3.5 will stomp a 4.0 on top end as a 4.0 will stomp a 3.4 in... anything. 3.5 also gets around 23 mpg according to by dad's 2017 Tacoma.


lol at 3.4, 3.5 and 4.0s

Nothing like a 5.7 to get you around :)

I'd love to pick up a crew cab Tacoma for my wife but the prices won't budge

BD make sure to update us what you decide on

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No eco boost or Ford products for me.