New to RDC

Want to wheel

Hey Guys whats going on I am new to RDC. I live in NC but love anything to do with offroad racing. So here's the story as to why I am here. Back on a cold rainy night in January I got a call that nobody wants to get my 22 year old brother had been in a wreck. So I get out of bed and rush to the site to find out he was killed on impact. The other 2 people in the car were rushed to the hospital and are now back to work and recovering very well. So he was driving a 2011 CTSV which was totaled. So my cousin bought the wrecked car and in 30 days we transformed his wife's 69 camaro in to a nice street strip car and put all the running gear from the V into that. For a memorial fundraiser for Chase We got all that done and the car turned out nice. But now I had Chases 2001 ranger 4wd at my house that he had always wanted to build a prerunner with it. My 2 good buddies decided that we are building the ranger in memory of him and try to build what he always wanted to build. So I got it on the road last week and figuring out what to do first. We have a set of Method double standards being installed today. Does anyone know of anybody that makes a good amount of aftermarket parts for these trucks. I know fiberglass will be fiberwerx. And I know there is SDHQ , Dixon brothers, VDF

list of mods he/we will be doing
bumpers which I would love to find a used one if possible
long travel front with shocks
deavers in the back with shocks and bed cage
fiberglass fenders and bedsides
plenty of lights
built motor prob go with built 302

If anyone knows of anybody that's parting out a truck of has parts laying around I would like to see whats around

Here is the build on the camaro