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Hello all. My name is Scott Doubravsky. I own/manage two motorcycle track sin Washington state, Eddieville Motorsports park and Starvation Ridge Motorsports park. Eddieville has a 1 1/2 mile MX track, a 6 mile GP track, and a 1/2 mile flat track.We are re-doing the TT with jump at the moment.
Starvation Ridge is our off-road course. It runs from 10 to 22 miles long, depending on how we configure it. We just recently held our first truck & buggy race and had a blast.
I've been racing dirt bikes since 1976. Started out in MX, raced desert in the Northwest untill it pretty much went away in the mid-90's. Still race the Evo mx once in awhile and our own team races.
Over the Bars Gang ( OTBG) is our promoting name,our website is , and we are the premier off-road promoter in the Northwest for bikes. With help from friends like Broc Ross,Grant Bayless, and others, we want to become the best four wheel promoter in the Northwest, also.