New to Truck Scene

Dylan Nash

New Member
Whats up guys? I've been really involved in the local car scene for years but lately I've been looking for something bigger. I'd like to have a truck so I can tow a track car and a bed for a bike, but the idea of a lifted mud truck has never really interested me. I've always liked the pre runner style but haven't had much experience with them growing up in Florida. I'm currently stationed in Chicago and we've got a lot of pre runners on base (a lot of the guys here transferred from San Diego). I'm looking for a relatively comfortable daily so I was thinking about getting an 05ish extended cab Silverado, doing minor work to it, and finishing it off with the suspension and body panels after my next deployment. Body panels, bumpers, wheels and tires all seem fairly self explanatory; however, the suspension worries me. Every thread I see discussing budget pre runners is talking about 2000 dollar Rangers and Broncos and every Chevy thread I see has professional desert racers with hundred thousand dollar rigs. I'd like to find a nice middle ground paying 12 for the truck, 5 for the suspension, 3 for miscellaneous mods to body, with 5k left over just in case. Is this unreasonable? I'm not trying to race professionally, just like the idea of a truck that can go anywhere, do anything, and still be comfortable as a daily without me looking like a complete redneck with a 12" lift and realtree seat covers jajaja. Also, 2wd vs 4wd, does it really make that much of a difference?