New tricks in Mexico


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Well a couple things have come to my attention recently. One from personal experience and one story. It seems the cops in Mexico(local not Federal) are targeting U.S. plates with single occupant vehicles. No witness and it never happened, right?
Along a stretch in T.J. I was about the 4th one on the same street with U.S. plates driving by myself pulled over in a 1 mile section.
The other was a story was a $60 ticket for talking on the cell phone while driving. Not illegal but I guess it was THAT day.
I know it's nothing new that race weekends are big $$ weekends for the police, but they're getting pretty creative.
Just a friendly piece of advice.


Jerry Maguire
I've heard that if you call them on the bogus "tickets" and tell them that you want to go see the judge and pay the fine there they will start to back out of the ticket. My cousin tried it once and it worked. I never tried it as you have to bee pretty confident you were right.


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Definately call their bluff .... it has worked for me .... i got tired of paying bribe money to crooked local cops ..... the last time i got pulled over for absolutely no reason , i told him lets go see the judge, we got half way there before he stopped and returned my time i gave a cop 5 bucks , he told me 10 dollar minimum , we had just won a race and we were headed to town in an overcrowded nissan p/u . I told the cop BS , you'll take the 5 or you'll get nothing ! (remember that VIC lol ) ...he took the money and left us alone.


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that is what my college spanish techer teacher told me to do everywhere in baja, and even most of mainland mexico. you just better make sure you are a confident spanish speaker.


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Unfortunatly this is one of the problems that keeps people from coming down to Mexico. The few bad cops work under the assumption of fear. I have never paid on a ticket that I did not deserve. The way the country operates is the Police will tell you that you have to follow them to the Police station to take care of a ticket this is 100% true and my suggestion is to follow them and be patient. The language barrier and our fear of the Urban Legend that Mexico is dangerous makes us do crazy things. A quick $20 bucks was easier in the past just to clean up the mess, but the price has gone up. I have a friend on his way down to chase that got pulled over for doing 100 plus on the toll road. The Cop said he was going to have to follow him to the station and my friend freaked and pulled out his wallet. The Cop said no follow me and when my friend got up to $200 bucks he took the money and my friend now thinks that Mexico sucks. I drive down to Ensenada 4 times a month and have been pulled over many times. My advice to you all is #1 Do not panic and show fear this is what the Cop wants to see because the more fear he senses the more money you will pay. #2 Never offer the cop a dime!!!! tell him you want to see the judge. #3 Be patient more times than not you will be let go because the bad Cop would rather not waste his time when he see's he will not be getting a quick $50. When you do deserve the ticket be patient at the police station, I have found that no one is in a hurry south of the border and that most of the time the ticket is pretty cheap it will cost you more in time than it will in money. I got a speeding ticket for 100 plus miles per hour that cost me 1 hour and 20 minutes and 200 pesos (20 bucks). The best part is nothing on my US drivers licence. I love Mexico and hope that all of you never get pulled over South of the border, but when you do DO NOT FREAK OUT OR PAY THEM ANY MONEY THEY DO NOT DESERVE!!!!!!


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I spend 3 of 4 weekends a month in Baja. Agree totally with Scott's advice. Always, always call their bluff if they want to negotiate on the spot. That $100 you fork up because you're scared sh*tless might cost you $6 back at the police station. If you're totally innocent or it's a petty offense, you stand a good chance of him backing off and seeking better prey. If you're guilty, how much time and money do you have to go through the routine? If it's a serious offense and you are guilty, well, good luck dude, you're on your own.

Last weekend I was pulled over going east out of Tecate just before the Hwy 2 toll road for "speeding." Despite local traffic either passing me or going the same speed. No doubt they're looking for gringos that have some cash - pick-up trucks with dirt bikes, 5th wheels or other toys. But this cop was smart - insisted the "judge" and "payment office" were closed until Monday and that's when I knew it was b.s. So we literally had a Mexican "stand-off" while he started to come down from his initial $100 down to $20, but I insisted on going to the police station to pay the "fine." Eventually, he gave me my license and registration back, with the usual warnings about driving safety, and the 30 minutes of highway discussion saved me a bunch of money. At all times, I was courteous, respectful and polite.

Alot of people will tell you that "mordida" is an acceptable way of life in Mexico. I disagree - by uninformed visitors paying these outrageous bribes, you're only encouraging it.



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my cousin's family moved to mainland Mexico ten years ago, and has to deal with the "mordida" all the time. A friend of her's was crossing back into Mex and the cops asked to search her stuff. She had nothing but a box of sandwiches. They asked for the sandwiches, wanted to charge her a tax for the food. She refused, sat on the curb and forced herself to eat the whole box of sandwiches in front of them.


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One time, at band camp...oops, wrong forum. Anyway, one time on the way down to San Felipe, I ran a stop sign in Mexicali (the infamous double-stop signs) and was pulled over by a motorcycle cop. A righteous bust. He wanted to "pay the fine for me" to save me time, we went back and forth for ten minutes and I told him I wanted to go back to the station. He said "follow me" and took off on his bike, whipped a U in front of traffic going into town. By the time I cleared traffic, he was gone. I still drove back into town looking for the guy and passed him going the other was like some comedy movie as we kept crossing paths in town. I was scared, thinking he thought I was trying to ditch him-didn't want to get shot for fleeing. Meanwhile he's just fishing for another patsy. I finally gave up trying to turn myself in and split toward SanFelipe. After the race I came home via TJ just in case...LOL


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Pretty abnormal story for this topic.

Once I was pulled over for speeding around k58 on old highway 1. Mind you we had people in front of us and behind us doing the same speed, but they were locals.
The officer wanted us to go down town, well the closest office was far away, would have meant driving back to town 30 min then back to camp. So we decided to try to pay it off, we asked how much to pay here just because of the inconvenience of driving. He seemed very hesitant to let us pay him (Our first clue should have been the clean cop car, clean police suit, and very good english).

After paying him the measly $40.00 we continued on our way. A bought a 1/4 mile further down the road he pulls over again. He gets out of his car and proceeds to tell us it is against the law to pay an officer off. Told us in the future to always go to the station and pay the fine. Then he gave us back our $40.00.

They are out their trying to stop all the crooked cops down their mainly because the P.D. probably isn't getting any money due to all the cops pocketing it all.

Just a cool story thought you all would appreciate.


John Bitting

Sounds like TJ cops once again took advantage of the racers en route to mexico. We were in a standard non lifted truck and had no problem, John Baker in a crew cab with chase rack pulled over for speeding on a hill, Danny towing out Feldkamps car I heard also got popped, Eric Allen also got pulled over towing. This really sucks. On our way home from the 500 we saw 5 vehicles pulled over in TJ, they all either had a trailer with car, spares, quads, or lifted all dirty. Is there nothing anyone can do?


I'd say the key is not to agree to corruption.
Follow the proper procedure by going to the station and pay your (small fee) ticket. If everyone would do that then the corrupt cops would not pick on us.


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Danny did get pulled over and his ticket was like $100 or more. He talked the guy down to $40 and some shirts or something like that. I can't remeber the exact amount, but know his ticket sounded extremely high. I think it's BS, but hey it's Mexico - what can you do (especially if you're not a fluent spanish speaker). I just consider racers w/ trailers just another source of income for dirty cops. The race weekends are big weekends for all businesses down there - why shouldn't cops try and mil it too?? - F--king bastards! Steve


go to the station and pay $20.00 or whatever the ticket is. Might take an extra minute but that very same cop will remember you and never hassle you again...or good chance he wont even want to go to the station because its also extra work for him..and you run free. That's my advise...stop encouraging police corruptions.


Cruise a standard non-lifted truck backwards against a closed lane of traffic?
--- By the way, it's actually got a 3" lift under it but you'd never know because it rides so buttery smooth. The cops are gonna pop whoever they think has money. It's no different than California in that cops sometimes pull over the pimped out 26" wheel runnin' gangsta mobiles because they think there's a good chance some drugs might be on board. In Mexico the best is to politely say....

Soy familiar con procedimiento del policía en México. Me placería pagar el boleto en el palacio de justicia. Lléveme al palacio de justicia ahora por favor! Pagaré alegre el boleto delante del juez. Le seguiré allí y pagaré el boleto.

"I am familair with police procedure in Mexico. I would be happy to pay the ticket at the courthouse. Take me to the court house now please. I will gladly pay the ticket in front of the judge. I will follow you there and pay the ticket."

It might not be great spanish but it gets the point across that you ain't takin' no bull from no crooked cops.

we got pulled over friday morning on the big uphill heading out of tj by a bike cop. He wouldnt take 20 bucks saying that he had taken 1500 from some car carrying drugs just the day before. We wouldve gone to the station but it was already 615am (and the bikes had already started). anyways, he finally settled for 30.


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I have to agree with Klaus and Jeff here. In one instance flashing a badge kept me from a ticket for not having a "third" rear view mirror on my buggy. The other time, I justtold the cop I would pay at the station to his superior. I guess he figured by the time all that occurred and his boss kept the cash, he would be out a couple other easy scores from unsuspecting Americans who watched "Midnight on the Orient Express" recently and would gladly hand over their wives to stay out of a mexican jail. Don't pay the street cop, 9 times out of 10 they will let you roll out.


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One of our crew got pulled over in Ensenada on some BS turn on a green lite charge. He told the cops he wanted to go to the station. Cop replied - you want to go to jail??? He said yes, take me to jail now to pay the fine. Then he mentioned the name of the Cheif / Commander... After after a few minutes they were promptly let go.
We were told unless you done serioiusly farked up, go to the station and pay there.
The Federaly check points were cool, one wanted to see under my hood (nothing to hide, I was just tierd and wanted a shower) so wipped out the race currency - steekers - inspection over, adios amigo.....
The road thru TJ was crawling with motorcycle cops on Sunday AM. Hope no one got shaked down too hard....