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New Trophy Truck Team, only $1.00 !!!!!!


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The California Lottery will be $170,000,000.00 on Saturday. What would you do if you won?


John Bitting

I would buy a huge house for my family. Order one of Nestors prerunners and then have a new TT built and sponsor someone to drive it much like Rob Herman has done with Damon Jeffries. I dont have the balls to drive that fast so I would just like to campaign a winning truck and handle the logistics side of it..


Krittro Campbell
Hey John, I'll drive it if there's cup holders.

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Finish my TT (Which will be finished next year anyways), build the class 1 I have always dreamed of with an IRL motor in it, and start myself an IRL Indy Lights team with me as the driver. :)

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all of the above and some long travel cagged go carts that all my friends and I can race on my track at my new house.

J.C. Andrews
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Re: and then have a new TT built

Just in case you win let me get my plug in right now. Did I mention that we can build that for you? ;-) !!!


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What A Joke
Well first I would buy a new house with a big shop.

Then get a trophy truck and one of every other class. Then a few prerunners that cost more than the TT.

Then get a few daily drivers, and a big boat so I can fish! But then I need a big truck to tow the big boat with. Then donate some $$$ to the RDC guys for having such a kick ass site!

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Can someone say F1 technology in Class 1 and TT?

Imagine full carbon fiber monocoque, electronically controlled differential and shocks, sequential six speed trannys with launch control, lots of carbon fiber, lots of titanium, varible valve timing, 20,000 rpm motors, a full aerodynamics package, and of course don't forget the F1 pit crew and their 12 sec pitstops.

that'd be sweet.



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I think there's a red one racing like that right now?



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I'd buy me a bunch of Sand Dunes.. (Kinda like the set Kritter has)

Maybe a class 1 championship - Kinda like Herbst does, only difference being that they can drive...

A few more dunes..

Ah hell, I am in Arizona - can someone send me a ticket please... (or a sand dune or two)

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I wuld buy up all of california city, make a giant offroad park with closed course and desert tracks, and hold a giant party for everyone to play without the hassle of THE MAN! then buy out score, bitd, and alll the other promoters, and consolidate the program! finally- can you say THE OFFROAD NETWORK on satellite? I knew you could!


If your gonna go, go BIG


- hire a real web designer for a facelift on rdc
- pay some bills
- get a used limited truck for 1-2 years to get used to it before moving to the unlimited class
- improve racing by introducing a sanctioning body that controlls rules and points regardless of promoter of events.
- build some form of crip somewhere in SoCal.

in that order


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Screw the fancy crap....I'd put a fresh paint job on my class 11 and not worry about chipping the paint from all the crap you guys throw up on me in the race in your new TT's.
I'd buy me that ferrari class 1 that was "seen" testing in barstow about 2 or 3 years ago. lmao
and hire a bunch of vegas stri... i mean dancers as my pit/support team and have a big wharehouse where i could just stare at my race car and have the ladies prepping it over and over and over.....

victor fabian
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I have to go with buying a big chunk of land and having all my racer friends over to play! Oh yeah, and build a bunch of spec trucks so we could all have fun..

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Ranch here, ranch in Montana, pay off the bills, pay off the in-laws and parents, buy a 3/4 ton 4x4 Dodge diesel, have the K5 rebuilt and have a street-legal, '69 Chevy Class 8 built and retire and rejoin the work force as a full-time racer.

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