New Trophy Trucks


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As of now there are 3 new trophy trucks that have not been raced yet this year , that are supposed to debut sometime this year :

Dave Westhem / coversion
Jesse Jones / new truck
Kyle Taylor / new truck ?

Does anybody have any pics yet ?


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As far as I know it was done by his own prep guy, Tony Mccormack, Not 100% sure about that though.


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also jimmy beaver has one in the works. it is as single seat same body as the old duralast truck, what happened there anyways? and in off road mag they said giesers were building a race one for sean sessa. so there were ten in laughlin four in parker and about six more in the works. that would be pretty damn nice to have 20 in one race.

John Bitting

Nick Baldwins truck is coming along, They hope to have it done by the Code race in 2 weeks. I just saw it last week. There are a lot more TT's being built right now. I think last count 10-12 I will try and remember a few.

Nick Baldwin
Chuck Harris
Miggie Motorsports ? Forgot name
Secret AWD
Geisers ??
Darlands Buddy by Geisers
Kyle Taylor
Rumor of a hawaiin TT gonna get started. :)

There are more, its just too early.

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Gabe Lara

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Last I heard it was McKenzies in SFV building the TT for Miggie Msports.
Mike Jacobsen, he used to run Class 5 Unlimited.
His Bronco prerunner was featured in Off-Road a while back.


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The Dondels may also be getting into the Trophy Truck ranks. Depends on what they do with the 4wd car they traded Riviera for.


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Secret 4 Wheel Independent? (4WI) Hah! Rediculous!

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Its cool to see all of these new TT coming out. It will be cool to see 15 or more TT at one race. I cant wait.


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Fifteen? Wasn't there a dozen TT's at Laughln. Add another ten or that gives me a woody! That would be more Trophy Trucks than there were total cars at the last Whiplash race.

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