New TT from Israel's Ido Cohen


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Trophy-truck-like vehicles are all the rage here in Israel and we are realy trying our best to catch up... the newest rig is an LS3 powered truck built by Ido Cohen. The link is to a feature full of pictures, the text is hebrew - you can ignore it... I can answer any questions here.




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It kinda looks like a CJ Jeep cab with Chevy fenders and hood, its different but a really cool different!!! Good luck!



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looks good light bars crooked though ;) it would probably be a blast out there to drive around in


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Right on that's cool. Good to see people in other countries getting into going fast and having fun off road. I would love to see trophy trucks raced around the world like F1. Baja, China, Australia, Africa you name it I'm sure people would love it. Have fun.

Aloha 28


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It's missing something....oh the all important RDC steeker!:rolleyes:

The Truck is kewl, thanks for posting the pics


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Looks kool! I bet you will have a blast in that thing.


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So where is it raced?
The truck is brand new. It was tested for only a few hundred miles before entering our premier race - the Hermon to Eilat rally, which was ran last friday. It is a yearly event, run the full length of the country from the Golan heights in the north to the shore of the Red sea. About 600 KM - 400 miles - it's a small country... it has some resemblance to Baja in that Israel is long and narrow like the peninsula, and tracking the racers on the main highways is easy and fun for both support teams and fans. it passes within an hour drive from virtually any town in Israel.

Ido unfortunately busted his transmission only a few KM into the race. But his former race car, now driven by Gal Shacham, got first place, and another, driven by wheel-chair bound ex-F16 pilot Dror Cohen came in third. Both of these cars are tube-frame T1 4X4's built to FIA specs, with Mitsubishi diffs front and rear and Chevrolet LS engines.

Here's a couple pics of Gal Shacham's car, a part of the Ido4x4 racing team and winner of this years Hermon-Eilat rally: