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Greetings to all the Race Dezert folks!

Been reading this site a lot over the years and finally decided to start posting. Looking forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience on this site. I do not race professionally and I am not limited to just one off-road area like sand or rocks or whatever. I'd like my rigs to perform well at high speed on the pavement and still be able to hop off the beaten path and make their own pretty much anywhere. I understand that it's impossible to have something that does great in every environment. But I do believe that there is a way to balance out the variables to come up with a well-rounded compromise. Here are my three project rigs that I am working on currently and I'm sure there will be others in the future.

Project 1 : 1978 Dodge Chinook 21-ft RV, Cummins 12v, Getrag, Dodge Dana 60's, Skyjacker 8" leafs, Bilsteins

Project 2: 1983 Chevy Suburban, Cummins 12v, NV4500, Chevy Dana 60's, Skyjacker 8" leafs, rear airbags

Project 3: 1994 Chevy Suburban, Cummins 12v, ZF6, Ford Dana 60's, inch-thick frame, linked, work in progress