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John Bitting

This is just a general message.. We have had a lot of new readers subscribe lately. Once you successfully logged in you will not be able to post right away, You can fill out your profile and we will verify you right away or you can Private Message myself or Klaus..

Private Messaging is an internal e-mail system provided for registered RDC readers to talk back and forth privately with other registered users .. By clicking on a users name it will show you there profile and at the bottom of it give you the option to send them a personal message. Look at the top bar next to "main index" you might have a flashing envelope this tells you that you have new mail..


John Bitting


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I wonder who was the unfortunate soul to have been RDC member #666?

EJR Racing #244


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You want 6's - Check out my birthdate - 6-6-66!

God's honest truth!

Tony B. = Devil Child!


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That sucks.

"We've done so much with so little for so long, we can do anything with nothing!"