New Welch Wheel's and Tires


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NEW --Not remolds -- NEW
33 lbs wheel and tire
Wheel is 10 pounds
Tires are 23 pounds
Super Soft
Bias 4 ply construction
28.8 tall on 15 in wheels
Will work great on Light Buggy -Single Buggy Pro-Super Buggy and all SXS's
DOT approved too-

So ask yourself this? Have you ever seen the Tour de France bicycle race?
You dont see beach cruiser tires on there bikes do you?
Same apply's for short course racing---
If your using 50-60 pound wheels and tires with bead locks meant for desert Racing and the car next to you is running Welch's wheels and tires?
You will get smoked into the first turn out braked and he will be seconds faster per lap-- WHY? because your turning Wheel&Tire mass weigh's 80-lbs average more for a set of 4.