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New Wizard Press Release


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Maximus Ventures, LTD of Las Vegas, NV, parent company of Wizard Fabrications, CA, Wizard Fabrications, NV, Wizard Fabrications, AZ and Alpha Male Powersports is pleased to announce a joint venture of two of its companies. Wizard CA, which operates a 38,000 sq ft facility in Riverside, CA, has sold a substantial equity interest to Larry Crawford of Crawford Construction Company. Larry will immediately assume the role of President and General Manager and will hold a position on the Board of Directors. Larry is a long-time avid sandrail owner enthusiast and also rides and enjoys his own custom chopper. In addition to the courses presently being offered at the Wizard Riverside facility, Larry is also happy to see the introduction of a “build your own chopper” fabrication course under his direct supervision.
Wizard Fabrications, NV, which presently offers sandrail fabrication classes at a small Henderson facility, will be moving its operations to a new 10,000 sq ft facility, located at the premises of Vegas Steel of Las Vegas, NV. Owners of Vegas Steel, Craig Teglia and Dennis Lovelady, in addition to leasing part of their facilities to Wizard NV, have purchased a substantial equity interest in the Nevada school and plan to gear up for the production of their own version of high performance off-road vehicles. Craig and Dennis are also long-time avid sandrail/off-road enthusiasts with a large stable of pre-runners, sand cars, and other off-road vehicles at their disposal. They plan to bring their designs into production in fabrication facilities adjacent to the new Wizard school. Craig’s son, Sean Teglia, is presently an instructor at the existing Wizard school and will soon take on the role of General Manager at the new larger facility planned in September 2006. Craig and Dennis will also stand as Directors for Wizard NV.
Maximus Ventures’ CEO, Ronald J. Clark states, “This is a very important new step for the Wizard business model.” With the sale of equity and assumption of overall local management going to successful businessmen and entrepreneurs such as Larry, Craig and Dennis, the Wizard Fabrication Schools will be able to expand the Wizard business model to other southwest cities and offer Fabrication Training and Build Your Own courses to a much larger demographic. John DeVillier, Chief Operating Officer and founder of Wizard Schools, is quoted, “These new guys bring a lot to the table. Their management and business experience is top notch and we’re always open to new and creative ideas. There’ll be some new exciting products coming from Wizard in the near future, that I believe will really stimulate the growth of our industry.” Watch the new products sections of magazines for availability of “Assemble your own discount off-road kits” and “shop in the box home fabrication courses.” Wizard also plans full retail off-road stores and service center at each of its facilities as part of its new business model.


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Update: The new Las Vegas facility is now up and running. This 10,000sq.ft. building is centrally located just across the freeway from the Las Vegas strip, near the Luxor Casino. Classes are continually booking for Sandrail, Prerunner Truck, and Rock Crawlers. Those interested in the Build Your Own program are encouraged to call, as limited spaces are available at this time. To schedule a tour or for any questions, please call 702-436-6355. For general questions about any Wizard Schools program, please call 877-949-3227.