New WRC Rally Video


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I'm with you guys. Fortunately I saw almost all the WRC races this year. The two I remember most were the one where everyone hit the same branch and broke the windshield. You'd think that branch would have finally broken off. The second was the one where the silver car rolls after sliding into the ditch . I think it was the PeugotRS230. Several other cars had similar fates too. I didn't think the music was that bad for this one, but the way last years was put together it flowed a lot smoother.



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does any body have a link to last years footage

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Pou (the guy who made it) didnt spend as much time on it as he did for last seasons..if you watch it though, you'll notice alot of cool little editing things, i.e. the subey turns into the focus on an S, and stuff ilke that.

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Nice work Trey!
For those interested, I have links to several (looking for more) rally videos.
I highly recommend the 1988 Pike Peak. It's a huge file, but well worth it.

<A target="_blank" HREF=>TimsRallyVideos</A>

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