Newb from central WA


Oct 5, 2018
Central WA
Hey everyone,

Brandon from central WA here. Been lurking around for a good while finally decided to join to help add meaningful content.

I'm 29yo, own a manufacturing company building automated packaging equipment. I've always been addicted & involved in cars/motorsports. Raced circle track stock cars growing up, now my kids (8 & 9yo) race circle track cars instead (Quarter Midgets). I've been interested in desert racing for years, but not much exposure to it in my neck of the woods, been to a couple short course races, and loved it. Planning on heading to the Baja 1000 to spectate next month.

I recently picked up a satin black 2014 Reaper with a broke motor to start building as a DD & weekend toy. Supercharged 6.2 sent back off to Lingenfelter to stretch a little to 700+hp. Bolt on LT, carbon fiber fenders & bedsides, Method 106 bronze, 37" Toyo RT's...

Intend to keep feeding my addiction here, and hope to help out where I can. Thanks for having me!