Newb from WA


Hey, I'm new here. Right now, I drive a 1999 Dodge Durango 4x4. I really don't have plans to build it up, I just go 'wheeling in it as is. I'd really like to trade it for a well-built prerunner (PM me if you want).

I've always been into race trucks and prerunners, but I never had the time or money to get into it. I bought a 1991 Ford Explorer a while back and put McNeil Racing 2000 Conversion fenders on it, but never got around to doing long travel TTB on it. The transmission failed miserably (lost all forward gears) and the front hub nuts took a crap and I ended up giving the truck away, free of charge, after I got my Durango. The Durango is nice, but not really what I want/need. I considered building it up prerunner style, but that's a lot of custom fab work. I'd rather build off a platform that's more common, such as the Toyota mini trucks, or the Ranger or S-10. Or better yet, find one that's already built and make little changes and tweaks here and there on it so that it's what I want.

I like to go 'wheeling down at the Nooksack river. It's all sand or loose rock. That place is memorable since it's the first place that I caught air off road. Some great camping down there, too.