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After reviewing some of your suggestions for places to watch the race, I believe we will run down to Erendira, on Saturday. I have a few questions that you folks may be able to help me with. Here they go:

1) Is this an ok day trip from Ensenada? I already have hotel reservations in Ensenada for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Since I am traveling from so far away(Alabama), I hate to drag along the camping gear for just one night of camping on the racecourse. Of course, I have been known to tilt the seat back and sleep in the car. Not sure the wife will go for that, though.

2) Will I be able to travel the road between Hwy 1 and Erendira, while the race is going on? Didn't know if this road was actually part of the racecourse.

3) Will a compact rental car make it out there, or are the roads too rough?

Thanks everyone, for putting up with someone that is new to all of this.

Jeff Posey
Huntsville, Alabama


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Yes you will be able to go from Ensenada to the Erindera area watch the race all day and travel back to Ensenada to spend the night, no problem. A "day trip" as you referred to, but a long day.

The road to Erindera is about the only paved road in Baja other than highway 1. Yes you can get there and view the race course in several spots via a car.

Yes you will be able to travel back and forth between Ensenada and Erindera during the race.

Coming all the way from Alabama? You are the man. I will be pitting our protruck in the Erindera area all day. Feel free to come by say hi! E-mail me personally for further info, if desired.

Remember, EJR Racing's protruck team #244 is one of the only teams that still provides stickers and such to the race fans at all races we attend!

EJR Racing #244



Erendira is a good ways into the race @RM340. The first bikes should come through there no earlier than 1100hrs, so take your time but try to be there by 0930-1000hrs.

A fun place to hang out there is along the cliffs. The area is narrow but interesting with huge rain ruts. You can also walk south to the boulder road and what is usually a water hole every year. The spectators are generally friendly and fun to be around.

Once you go through the little town of Erendira and arrive at the cliffs and the race course, go south on the course through the typical Baja gate and find a place to park. Again, it is tight here but, the vehicle speeds are not to fast so, it's pretty safe.

The susnet will be awesome so enjoy.

We'll be chasing Protruck 270 bye that time. I'm getting out at Rm278. Look for a Yellow Ford Prerunner.


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We'll be in the same area also. It is usually a lot of fun. We will be set up in the Malibu Beach area south of Erindira. We are lucky enough to have a friend with a house there with the course going by right outside. If you see a white Ford Truck with Boyd Racing on the windshield, stop by for a beer. The House is the only two story house on the beach. We should have our pre-runner there to have some fun waiting for the race to get that far.


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Jeff, You'll have No problems getting down there in time. In fact you can watch the start of the race, drive into town, get a bite to eat, then head down highway 1. Turn on a dirt road @ KM 77, then you'll
drive a while on a dirt road. There maybe pot hole's but its ok for a car to drive on. When you hit the town watch your speed, the Cops are looking for good ol' American $$$$$$. So watch yourself. After
going through the town of Erendira, you'll come to another Dirt road that runs along the ocean. Thats the course so keep an eye out for motorcycle or race cars. Pick a cool spot, watch the race, picnic, or whatever, then head out back to town ( Ensenada), a couple of hours or so before sundown, so your not navigating in the dark. Have Fun !!!!!!!!!!! Scott