Newbie Questions

Sunset Kid

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I recently picked up a 9-car, mid 80's 2 seat Chenoweth.

What do you recomend for tire presure ? Yokohamas up front & BFG All Terrains rear.

Carburetor of choice ? Jet size ? (single port)

Took the car out to Barstow last weekend for a test sesion. WOW !!! How much fun is it to drive !! Had a couple of issues, coil went south & float was a bit stickey, but we worked through it. Put about 40 miles on it. Looking forward to getting the bugs worked out so my wife can run the MORE Powder Puff race. #951


DC Racing

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We run 26psi all around, but we've run as high as 34psi on rocky terrain like Barstow just thinking it might lessen the chance of pinching a sidewall.


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get rid of the BFg's unless they are paying you, get yokohama super diggers for the rear and run 24 psi all around, should be a pretty good start. have a blast.