Newbie with a 2002 1/2 Ton 2WD Silverado Ext. Cab


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Excited to be here.

- I became interested in desert racing thanks to a Downey backed 88' Toyota 2wd a friends older brother built in Simi Valley. It seemed like just the start of the craze for all of SoCal. Through him I met a few true racers. I was in Junior High then. Life and responsibilities have taken me away from that industry but...not for much longer.
- I found this website probably by doing a Google search for info on suspension and drive train components for my truck a few years back.
- I'm playing with a 2002 1/2 ton 2wd Silverado Ext. Cab.
- Just as recent as last week I inquired about a position with SCORE to help me get my foot in the door. They were just accepting volunteers at the time...which I am all for however, I would need a secure income to stay in the area as well.
- I am a first grade teacher. I was inspired by my sixth grade teacher in Simi Valley. I spend most of my week trying to get to her level. The hope is to have an evening or two during the week to ride. I'm also working on a foreclosure I bought. I'm working on renting out rooms in it to supplement my mediocre income so I can do things like race motocross, build my pre-runner, and move back to the west coast.


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