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Ok, just wanted to let everyone know that membership cards, and first event fliers are on their way. They will be in the mail on Monday march 10. Sorry about the delay.

Next, We were considering on charging a camping fee at PC for the short courses, like $10.00 per vehicle for the weekend, with tow vehicles and race cars not included. But it's gotten back to me that it would keep teams away, so for now we won't charge for camping as long as your a card carrying member of VORRA. Spectators or crew without membership cards will pay the camping fee.

The reason we are doing this is to increase the level of advertising, services, staffing and extras we can provide at all the races.

We, as are yourselves are not made of money, we are starting off the year as new promoters to this sport and are going to try and put on quailty events for the teams and the spectators, I just hope that everyone will bear with us these first few months of our learning process. We'll catch on fast and improve with each event. This form of racing is new to us, so I hope you'll have a little patience
and excuse or oversights in the beginning.

Please let us know your concerns and ideas, we don't want to disappoint anyone.

Rich Klein


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In years past we could purchase the memberships at the first race when we entered the race without paying additional at the gate, will this still be an option for those of us that haven't already purchased them yet? I know it helps you to get the memberships in early to give you capital to begin the season so maybe next year the fliers could go out in January and offer a discount for early signups and possibly race entries. Most series offer 2 prices, in the mail and at the track to help those that plan ahead. This would also help you get an idea of who is coming to each race before the venue itself. Curt

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Yes you may sign up for membership on race day. I think thats a good idea, about the early sign up discount. I'll remember for next year.

PS Camping fees will by vehicle not by person.........



If we pay the $10 for camping do we have to pay for rentry if we leave and come back the rest of the weekend? So say I arrive Friday night, have to go somewhere Saturday morning, would I have to pay again?

I'd rather not pay camping fee's plus the normal admission, could make this sport even more expensive. If it's only $10 all weekend then it's a fine idea.



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BIg Rich,

Maybe you should give out parking stubs/tickets/whatever that get taped to the windshields. Wristbands for re-entry might also work.

Kevin, if $10 (maybe twice) is your biggest burden, then you're in the WRONG SPORT, pal. Seriously though, I personally don't understand why the old promoters didn't charge anything. Wasted opportunity.

I just wish the money got put in the purse!!!!



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Once the entry is paid (you'll recieve a wrist band), or if you have a memebership card you can leave as many times as you like. If your not the team, you pay only $10.00 for the weekend to camp, 1 or 2 nights, same price. If you are the team, you don't pay to camp. At some point I hope to be able to turn over more purse, I have no idea if I as the promoter will even cover the costs associated with putting on this event. Give me a chance to put on a couple of these races to see where we'll be standing when the dust settles.