News on D-Day...Change in Entry Fee/Payback


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D-Day, the grand opening of the Rialto Offroad Raceway, is just a couple of weeks away and we are very excited! There is a big change regarding the entry fee that I wanted to make sure everyone knew about. Originally we had planned a $50 entry fee with 50% payback. The costs to prep the land (and for insurance) far exceeds the cost to put on last year's Sand Blast and we thought this would be a reasonable way to make sure those expenses were covered. We've gotten some feedback though, that some people wanted to race but couldn't swing the entry fee (plus gate fee [$10] plus membership fee [$15] if applicable). We want everyone to be able to come out and experience the new facility first-hand, so we've decided to reduce the entry fee to $25 and give 100% payback. This will keep the prize money the same, but you'll only have to pay half as much to enter (with 100% payback we will not be able to give a free T-shirt with entry. We should have them available for a super-low price the day of the event, though). Hopefully it will also encourage more people to come out and put on a great show. Not everyone is going to win, but only the people who enter will have a chance to test out the new course! To say that D-Day is vital to the future of the raceway would be an understatement. We need you to bring all your friends and family so that we can go ahead with our big plans for next year, which include a prerunner time trial series and a "real" race series which will include a new class of trucks that most everyone can afford to build. For years now I've heard people wishing that short course were close to home. We are on the brink of being able to give you that, so help us (and you) out! Thanks in advance for your support! I am uploading all kinds of new and helpful info about the event to Prerunners.Com right now and it should be available for viewing within the hour. See you October 12th in Rialto!

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NO T-SHIRTS!!!! I just put a new lower intake on Steves truck so we could race now I dont know what we are going to do..... :)

everyone thinks they are superman when the camera is pointed at them...untill they land!!!


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I had to open my mouth.....

Every single person on this board should come to D Day...period!

This is what we have all been waiting for for a long time, and now that some people are stepping up we need to go support the cause and have a whole lot o fun at the same time.



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I am racing The Piece in Modified Prerunner.

The General will be there doing the halftime show.

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