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Ah man, I can see the bagging and taping that would be keeping that clean now... Maybe an air bubble of some sort!!!

Gabe Lara

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The mini-DV not good enough for ya, Frank? ; )

The problem with HD is that until you have the "proper" monitor to handle the resolution that it runs, its kinda like having horsepower you can't put to use...

A bit of info...
We go back and forth here at work with various formats out of our workstations, and everyone still cringes when a client or director mentions/ desires HD. The cost associated to master out to HD is mucho $$$. Yes, it is nice, and looks really damn right sexy, but until its not a completely adopted format, with strict standards such as NTSC, its impractical to become wholly reliant on it. The cost of the equipment will indeed come down, but to actually complete a project is alot of $$$. Besides, to post a QT movie or MPEG for the web, the compression associated to do so is just squashing the heck out of it in the first place, so...

Sorry for the rant, but HD is/ was supposed to be the new standard for broadcast.
They announced this at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)... 6 years ago!



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Ya that would be nice to actually use the HD tv we just bought lol. I think there are 5 channels on our digital cable that are HDTV lol.


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Well I have a HD TV and a Direct TV HD Box and there are a few channel that are HD. It is pretty impressive to watch and compare them to the other channels. I'm sure in time there will be more HD channel then normal channels.


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Oh ya they are awesome! It would be way cool to have a offroad video in HDTV then you would really feel like you were there in person! (almost lol) Ya they said in the next year they are suppost to have more channels so we'll see.


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Essex Television produced an awesome piece on the 2002 Baja 1000. They specialize in producing shows for HD Net, currently the only complete channel in HDTV. They have some other off-road pieces in the works as well.

Drive Like Hell, the Baja 1000 production will be avaibale at dealer's very soon. In the meantime, you can order it off of their website. Interested dealers should contact us at Racer X Motorsports, Inc.

Michael Cohen
Racer X Motorsports, Inc.

John Bitting

I ordered it right off the link Curtis posted. I will let you guys know how it is when I get it. Hopefully I will get it before the next bbq and so we can all check it out.