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next race...


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we where planning on the whiplash race at barstow.... now that it is out....where next?
and at the fuel at 2$ a gallon.... how far can any one tow......


when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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Jim - the MDR Kartec 400 is the weekend before (June 23rd) the cancelled Whiplash Barstow race date of June 30. I was planning on trying to do both, but now just the 400.
Gas Prices?! - I feel as thou I'm filling up my tow-vehicles with race fuel at these prices.


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The SNORE midnight run in the begginning of August looks really promising. I have never run a SNORE race before but it looks like there will be a lot of entries and it will be a lot of fun. They also have some pretty good money up for grabs, and especially in their heavy metal class for this race, so I think that this would be a good one to go to.


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August 3rd, 2001 SNORE Terribles Casino, KC Hilites / Midnight Special

$30,000 combined purse

Bonuses FOR PRO CLASSES (minimum 10 in each class)
Unlimited $4,000
Class 10 -$4,000
Heavy Metal $4,000
Mini Metal $4,000
Class1/2-1600 - $4,000
Class 5-1600 - $3,000
Class 9- $3,000

There will be a $2,000 bonus FOR THE OVERALL posted by Herbst's Terribles Casino
There will be an additional $2,000 bonus FOR THE OVERALL posted by KC Hilites. You must run KC Hilites light products to receive this bonus.

There is an OPEN BAR cocktail party at the pool beginning when contingency / sign-up opens, AND, will continue after the driver’s meeting Friday night.

Each race entry will receive 2 tee shirts and 2 hats.

The awards brunch will be Sunday morning, poolside at the hotel.

Go Desert Productions ~~~~~~~~~~ http://www.go-desert.com


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race fuel prices shoot for that much i can get race fuel out of a pump