Nick Blais injured at the 500


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Didn't see this in the Desert section. This sucks and I hope he heals up quickly without issue.


Chris Tobin

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Does anyone know what happened and how serious the injury is/was? I hope he has a speedy recovery!!!

I met Chris (Nick's brother) and his wife (Patty I think) while my son and I were shooting Robby's Dakar Hummer shakedown in Barstow years ago. They came out to hang out during the testing since Andy was his co-driver that year. They were VERY nice and great people for sure!!! It was a bummer when he got hurt, but from what I can tell he is still staying very involved in the racing scene and doesn't let the injury slow him down much if at all!!! I've never met Nick, but if he is anything like his brother he is a great guy and will fight to recover from whatever injury he has.


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