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nissan frontier pre runner


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Hi Guys;

Im currently building a Nissan frontier prerunner, and I need some advice.

Its using a tube chassis and tube frame, and at this stage im still planning on using the steelcab and steel doors and 'hanging' them onto the rollcage frame, so I can remove/replace them when I need to.

So what im needing some advice on is

A)how to attach the steelcab to the tube so it is held on securely;

B) how do I go about making the cab relitively water proof an dust proof. Areas like the floor where the tube attaches to the steel cab, and the A-pillar down by the firewall again where the steel tube attaches to the steel cab.

C) where do I cut the roof to attach the steel roof to the rollcage structure and and again, how do I go about sealing it?

I have had a look through various photo albums that people have posted for ideas but have yet to find the detail that I need in the photos.

Can anyone offer some advice by means of pictures or diagrams?

Thank you
Give your query a little more time, lots of folks out of town this weekend with races and prerunning.


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I'm not sure if this will help, but what I have seen done is that the roof is cut off to allow the cage to be built inside the cab, the roof is then welded back on and the cab is stitch welded to the tubing of the cage. . .

. . .there is a thread on here somewhere that has pictures of this (I might have seen this in Dirt Sports magazine as well). . .

. . .as far as sealing the floors of the cab try using the flexible grommets (I'll post a link if I can find them, but I think they might be sold by part of the Mr. Gasket group). . .slide them over the tube before welding it to another tube, then bolt/screw/rivet the metal grommet housing to the floor (and back of the cab if you have bars going from the upper rear cab bar to a bed cage or rear of the chassis) and the cab will be sealed up fairly well. . .the other option is to slide metal plates (with an appropriate sized hole cut in it) over the tubes prior to welding and then sandwich the floor of the cab between two plates (bolted together) and weld the plates to the tube. . .

. . .hope that makes sense; I'm on lunch break at work and don't have any pictures right now.


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Yeah right thats a good idea with the flexible grommets.

Cutting the roof off is also another idea; im a bit unsure wether to do that or not as I would like to try an keep the steel cab removable and if its welded in place; would make that quite difficult haha.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?



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I think most that I see done are rangers that cut the floor, firewall, and back of cab off and then patch the floor back in with extensive tin work. Leaving the stock floor in place will limit options and your ability to remove/replace. Here is one ready for tube chassis integration that I saw in another thread.