Today i was messing around with my truck took the lower arm off the drivers side and i had a hell of a time putting it back on. i was messing with ride height. after a long day of not getting the thing back to gether i emptied all the nitrogen outa the shock and bump. i put 120psi of shop air in the shock and bump. is this gonna cause damage? i will be putting nitrogen in tomarrow.



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00 Dont drive on it! You could blow the seals.

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Running shop air is fine for a short time. Shop air will cause condensation and cause the internals to rust. I have been advised to run no less than 190psi in my 9100's and yes this would be partially for the seals but mostly for cavitation (sp). If it will be for just a short period of time and you are not going off road you should be fine.

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You say it will cause condensation. what if you have a water trap?

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