Nitto HD Tire Review

John Bitting

Nitto Dura Grappler

The tires I am running are Nitto Dura Grappler 285x75x16 load range
"E". I mounted them to stock 16x7 Chevy HD Factory Wheels.

Tire Design

The Dura Grappler® is a highway terrain tire that provides outstanding
tread wear life and ride comfort. Revolutionary Dura-Belt™ 3Steel
Belted Technology* reinforces and stabilizes the tread area to reduce
irregular wear and improve tread life. The Dura Grappler® will be
available in popular 'E' load range, heavy-duty LT sizes for today's demanding
diesel trucks. The Dura Grappler® features two distinct sidewall
designs so you can customize your look. Tread patterns will vary
by size: LT metric sizes are offered in a durable 4-rib design, while Pmetric
sizes have a quiet 5-rib design. Whether you're working on a
construction site or towing your toys, the Dura Grappler® was designed
to meet your needs.

My Thoughts

I have ran this tire for over 5,000 miles now, trips to San Felipe, and
Las Vegas have been part of that mileage. I have ran BFG All Terrains
and Nitto Terra Grapplers before on my Chevy 2500HD Duramax Diesel.
When mounting the Nitto Dura Grappler, you have two options;
one with a smooth sidewall or one that is more aggressive looking with
designs on it. I choose the more aggressive look with the design. I was
afraid my truck was going to ride like a cement truck going from the
Terra Grappler to a purpose built "Highway" terrain tire. This was not
the case at all. The first thing I noticed was how quiet this tire is on
the road. It rides as smooth as other lower load range tires I have ran.
The tire works just as well off road in the soft sand of San Felipe as the
hard packed dirt and rock in Baja. After 5,000 miles now, this tire is
still super quiet, no vibrations, no cupping and still looks brand new
with the little nipples still on the side walls. Most people who ride in my
truck that I discuss the tires with seem impressed by the ride and quietness
of the tire. I am very happy with my choice to upgrade.


Talking to Tim from Nitto Tire at a CORR race last year made me aware
of the importance of running a proper load range tire and that almost
all tire companies offer them. Off road racing is already dangerous for
chase teams as it is, we don’t need to be running the wrong tires,
overloading our trucks and jeopardizing ourselves out in the middle of
nowhere. So the next time you go to purchase new tires be sure to do
a little research and don’t just go for the best deal.

E&S Racing

Nice write up John. NITTO Tires are great. I only wish they were still making the Race tire we love it


Well-Known Member
John when Nitto first sent us info on that tire I wasn't to sure about it, but we have sold a ton of them and my customers are really happy!!! We actually had a fleet account switch from Good year wrangler h/t's to the Nitto. Great write up!!!

baja stu

Well-Known Member
Nitto tires are great. I’ve had a set of Nitto Terra Grapplers on my HD2500 and they have been problem free for the last 45k miles. In a few thousand miles it will be time to replace them. Talk about getting great mileage out of them.

jo maoma

i run terra grapplers on my trail rig and love them. this
look like a great choice for the chase truck, thanks...