No More Baja Problems?


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It seems from what I have been reading and from what people who have been down their have said, it looks as if Baja and Ensenada have cleaned up. It seems as if the mexican military have toned down a bit, and the races down there are safer than they have been in the past. I know that their will always be the added element of suprise down their, but it just seems like things have gotten better. It sounds like their isnt really long aspalt stretches like their used to be either. Those 30 mile long stretches were pretty bad off the start. I was wondering if those of you who have been down their for a while, can give me your opinion on how you read the situation. Its been probably 5 years since i have been down their, but I know in the mid 90's it was at its worst. The year Danny Hammel died particularly. We are seriously considering taking the 8 truck back down their for the 500 next year and I was just wondering?

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