No prerunning Vegas to Reno


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Dan: There is no specific timeline, but common sense suggests: If you're entering in an upcoming race and then go "test" (or whatever), over the known course just prior to that event you can call it whatever you want, but the intent is obvious... If there are rules in place against prerunning a specific event then it seems pretty straight forward.

Pyle: You seem like a straight up good guy and I enjoy your posts. You made a comment RE prerunning, then tried to change it and then tried to justify it. You are totally entitled to your opinion, just as others are to disagree with it. I just disagree that if there is a rule in place we should abide by it and not try and work around it, regardless of who you are or what class you run.

Prich: As always, you win! 🥇

It's funny how to an extent, respect plays a key role is how one approaches these things. Everyone respected (or feared) Casey and Fud and no one would dare cross them and thus obeyed the rules. Now since there are few/no consequences and and overall a lot less respect being shown, it seems ethics are less of a concern to most...

The part of it that everyone needs to consider is, was where the sport was 30-20-10 & 5 years ago and look what's happened over that time to bury it in the hole it's in. IF this sport continues to exist long enough to hand it off to the next generation: What will be the consequences of todays actions?

Guilty: I admit that I was outspoken RE the way certain orgs handled their events and I took a lot of heat for it. As for the hiding behind a keyboard comments however, I've never been shy online or in person as anyone who attended the Marine land grab meetings might recall. During those hot & heavy ORG conversations. I stuck with the same opinion despite having a number of internet cool kids and their minions pump their chests up and make overtures . I guess in the end I see it as our duty to try and continue the sport we have been fortunate enough to enjoy so that the maybe next generation might get to go racing with their or grandparents. IMO if we don't speak up when we believe there is something that should be said, then we are not participating in the process.

I apologize for being outspoken on these things. It's a genetic flaw and I keep failing after the 2nd step. I try to look at everything from a variety of angles and consider the consequences of an action prior to rendering an opinion and I have a tough time with the "ME" generation, myopic views and egocentrism.

Done, enjoy the pre-test-run-fun whatever thingy

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this thread is starting the 'life of its own 'de- evolution phase....well said Acme, , all it takes is One bad scenario & V2R could potentially be Done!, look at Lucerne night race, we off roaders & the off road community need to be the caretakers of this DESERT thing, too many times ive seen the ' oh some one else will take care of it ' attitude( im guilty , are you?), so its a ' we Have to police ourselves, other wise the powers that be will just say 'screw it, too much paperwork, shutter' down'
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^^^^^I had a co dawg like that in the early 80s ^^^^^^^ worthless pain in the sphincter he was!
He was the type of guy that had to be in the team colors, kiss the baby's & sign autographs but NEVER worked on squat but the bottle caps on my pacificos

That's why I had him for a co dawg PUNISHMENT!!!
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An oldie but still so relevant...


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i clearly see a market here for birdwatching vehicles, non - raptorious looking, more like a 63' land rover looking vehicle,& limmited to 35 mph!