no reverse medeola 2d


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I have no reverse in my Desert Dynamics ls1 with mendeola 2d Can I continue to go to the dunes and ride with out major damage ? I tried to back down a dune like a fool. lol

just don't want the down time getting it fixed until april desert season over.



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You likely have broken reverse gear parts in the sump of your transaxle. If they stay there fine. If they bounce up into your gears then kablamo. Just my opinion but park it until you can fix it.

B. Everett

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We broke reverse at the beginning of a 500 mile race. Ran it the entire race and finished, but when the transmission got pulled apart it needed a new case!!! Something fd it up bad in there. If you pull it most transaxle shops can freshen it up and put a new gear in it damn quick. I like using rick St. John in Encinitas.

PDANK Racing

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That's the weak point of the Mendeola's ... I would park it unless you want a hefty rebuild cost.

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Do not drive it, it can and most likely will break more stuff.
I use TRANSWORKS in el cajon.
Very happy with the work and his price is in line with what I have paid for transmission work in the past.
Turn around was pretty fast.
He works on a lot of Mendeola's