Nomex Jumpsuits / Fire Extinguishers


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With all the talk of Pit/Fueling Safety I thought I would offer up what we have and have always sold to racers for fire protection. A few years ago we bought a large stock of Chieftan Rescuesafe EMS Jumpsuits. They are 2 layer Nomex. Sizes are kinda hit and miss and I have not gone through the pile in awhile but I have outfitted lots of teams with these and they seem to work well for fuelers. We sell them in store for $200 but any racer that emails me gets them for my cost of $100. I would give them away if my boss would let me but $100 is the best we can do. Email me if interested with sizes and quantities you would need and I will go through pile and see what we have left. We also carry all Amerex fire extinguisher products and racer team members will get my cost on these items as well. Hope this helps for listing of fire extinguishers available.

Mods I know we aren't official advertisers on RDC but wanted to get info out on where to help teams get safe