NON-TOXIC ECO-FRIENDLY ANTIFREEZE HAS ARRIVED and it was created by one of our own.


Senior Replay
Non-Toxic / Eco-Friendly and Auto Racing are not just oxymorons anymore.

Working in and around Race Shops we use TOXIC products every day and the one we worry about most is ANTIFREEZE. We know our best friends in the shop (our dogs) love the stuff and we know it will kill them. That's why we take so much care with this liquid poison not to leave it about. Leave it to one of our own to man up and create a SOLUTION to this WORLDWIDE problem.

ENTER> "SAFE ANTIFREEZE" Can't get any more straightforward than that.
Just launched on KICKSTARTER today. Check it out > these are the types of products that can and will change the face of our industry not to mention saving our best friends.

BRAVO Bradley from "Straight outta Phoenix" The boys are making changes that will affect us all.


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