Noob KOH/Ultra 4 racer


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Jul 28, 2009
Fayetteville, NC
First off, let me say thanks to Dave Cole and Jeff Knoll from Hammerking Productions for sparking a fire that is now an inferno!!

Second, I am an East Coast Rockcrawler with desert racing dreams.

I got invited to King of the Hammers (KOH) 2009 and despite a poor showing (broke at RM32, fixed it but timed out at CP2), the desert racing bug bit us bad!! I had the chance to buy in to Cliff Cooks and Bob Roggy's Class 17 Jeepspeed for the BAJA 1000 in 2009, and the whole time I was there, I was taking notes on this whole "desert" racing thing. Despite the car breaking, and the fact that I never did get the chance to co-dawg, I had the chance to expeirence the Baja Mil in its fullest....from pre-running our leg, Mike's Sky Ranch, Ensenada, the other Class 17 guys at BAJA Seasons, sleeping in the desert, fish tacos, etc. I learned alot in 5 days.

At the first driver's meeting at KOH 2009, Dave/Jeff mentioned the V2R race, and my whole pit crew's eye's lit up. Let me also say, that I built a Suzuki 1.6 powered rock buggy. Low gears, low HP, and low speed. Desert WTF!!

We were able to qualify for KOH 2010 at Rausch Creek, PA, but were already entered in the V2R race as a contingency for the KOH race. Now, we can go out, and have a good time with out the added stress of finishing top ten for KOH 2010.

We are severly outgunned for this race, but to us, it doesnt matter. This is a LONG desert race, and because of that, I am able to include several friends to share the travel across the lower 48, race, chase, after party, and drive back with. They are so stoked it is ridiculous. My mom and step-dad are even going to drive out and help us. They came to KOH and were impressed as hell with the desert racing scene. I told them that is because in desert racing it is not racer againct racer, it is racers against the desert, and after you beat the desert, you worry about beating the other racers. In rockcrawling, we just sit back in the cheapseats and talk s#it about how bad arse our truck is, and how we would show you the line if our junk was here and not at home in the garage for what ever reason.

I know for a fact that my little Zuk buggy would impress the hell out of 90 percent of the members of this board on a rock trail, but in a desert race, will probably get beat bad by the stock VW guys. At least us and the stock VW guys will be battling it out till the finish!!

Thanks also to Casey Folks for starting the Ultra 4 class. My whole team is really excited to come out and expeirence a 1000 mile desert race!!

During tech at Sunset Station, look for the little black rock buggy with a Samurai hood, 4406 on the side and a North Carolina license plate behind the spare. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!!!

Rob Usnick
Fayetteville, NC