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Norra 1000 photos

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I have quite a few of the cars and trucks on the San Borja road... you get what you pay for though, and like last year, they are free... hopefully all the pro-photo guys got the good ones, 'cause I usually don't!!

Plus, I was busy... I gotta new shirt from these nice dudes outta New Mexico :eek:) Bummer though...


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Chuck and Tyler Harvey cross the finish line in by far the fastest, best-looking, most well-prepped Vintage 1/2-1600 in the race:
we frickin' made it.jpg

Well, OK, we were the only Vintage 1/2-1600 in the race, but still....

harleys dad

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Wonder what it cost to get that car out of there and hire that giant tow truck

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Ouch, that was a really cool car too.. Still is, I guess!

I have quite a few decent shots from here. Let me know your car number and color/type I'll see if I got it. I tend to move around too much, so some of them suck.


Perfect number for the car and situation. Sorry to see that, I hope they are OK.
Everyone is okay, car is back at shop now. Only need to replace 1 tube in the chassis. The body is gonna need some more work though. But we will fix it and b back next year. Not sure what u mean bye the car #?


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I think he meant that the number reads the same upside down.


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"I think he meant that the number reads the same upside down."

ding ding ding

I used to co-dog in 916, another good number if you are upside down. VW dorks rule. Glad you and the Safari are ok.


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Does anyone know which car went off the cliff before the Gulf on the way to La Paz. A pre-race pic of it would be neat to see.

This is 7 days later.
Notice our dirt bikes up on the dirt road, and the chassis down by the big boulder.
Gives perspective how deep & steep the canyon is.


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It was 161. You're right, that angle really shows how far down they went.