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NORRA and LEADNAV GPS improving navigation


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NORRA and LEADNAV are currently working together to improve navigation and safety at this years Mexican 1000.

We are currently transferring the 2016 Rally Road Book, note by note, into LEADNAV which will provide you with audio and visual alerts during the entire race when using our system.

These LEADNAV files will be made available during the race along with the standard Road Books and GPS files.

LEADNAV GPS is an advanced Application available for the iPhone and iPad. While it will run on older devices, we highly recommend running a race of this size on an iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 or iPhone 6 for maximum performance.

The specific device we recommend for vehicles is the iPad Air 2 - 64gb - cellular+wifi with Apple Care coverage.

Other considerations are the older iPad Air 1 and iPad mini 2 however these devices could run a little sluggish on a race of this scale with the entire Road Book loaded.

*After 6 months of development, LEADNAV is currently on hold for Android devices. This is do to current updates happening with our mapping engine and the fact that Android devices could not perform at the same level as our Apple devices in our recent testing. Further development for Android is TBD.

You will need
LEADNAV GPS - $20 in the Apple App Store
NORRA Rally Files - These will be available for direct import via website, email or Airdrop during the event.

Map Sub. - $20 a year In App Purchase (see below)
Pro Pack - $150 a year In App Purchase (see below)

Does it need cellular coverage?
Not at all.

No cellular plan is even needed. We only recommend the cellular+wifi iPads because that extra $100 gives you the internal GPS chip which offers GPS positioning just like a standard GPS device.

With only a "1 a second" refresh rate and a weaker signal, this GPS chip is not as strong as a standard GPS but offers a great option for Chase trucks, general Off-Roading and as a Backup for Racing.

Dual XGPS160 Bluetooth Puck
An external GPS puck built for Aircraft, this unit offers the the strongest GPS positioning in the world when combined with LEADNAV GPS.

LEADNAV works directly with this particular GPS puck with its code co designed and baked directly into our software for optimum performance.

*Not to be confused with a "data" device....this acts only as a GPS Antenna giving you positioning updates.

Offline Map Imagery
When there is no wifi or cellular data, LEADNAV will only display a gray background under your Race Course similar to any other GPS unit. This will be fine and is actually preferred for racing as it offers the best contrast, allowing you to see all your notes on a clean background.

However if you wish to see Satellite, Terrain or Street maps while offline, you will need an In App Subscription to either Map Sub., Advanced Sub. or Pro Pack. Without going into too much detail on what each of these includes, it is only important to understand that the ability to save Map imagery, for offline use, comes through an outside company. This company charges us per tile that you save. Each of the listed Subscriptions contains this service at different levels.

Here is the key breakdown in regards to Offline Maps... (These are available in LEADNAV under Settings > In App Purchases)

Map Sub $20 a year - Lets you save out areas "tile by tile" by hand. These individual tiles are restricted to a specific size per level of zoom allowed. These individual tiles being small, could make this take some time at higher zoom, for larger events like the Mexican 1000. However this might be plenty for a Chase team who just needs a general overview of the area.

Advanced $30 a year - Same as Map Sub but for an extra $9 a year you get a few extra features listed in the app.

Pro Pack $150 a year - Offers a "Save along Route" feature which allows you to select the race route and choose the max zoom and distance on either side. Then by clicking save, it will automatically download the map imagery along that entire route. Built for Racers and Event Organizers with a ton of additional advanced features.

Note - Currently the Map Subscriptions in Baja only cover down to 15-16 zoom in most areas. Anything saved below that will show as Black. We offer a number of higher grade mapping services with Map Imagery possibilities down to 21 zoom. These services are currently available under contract per team or event organization.

More info can be found under our support page at www.leadnavsystems.com

Hardware at www.leadnavhardwaresupply.com



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Will you guys have the GPS puck and mounts for sale in Ensenada? I'm worried it won't get to me in time if I have shipped.


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Unfortunantly with my retirement from the military and our company move from the East Coast to Arizona happening over the next few months we will not be able to make it out to the NORRA this year.


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I'd like to talk to LeadNav about some of the projects we are working on. Your application would work great on one of our TV shows we are writing now. Hoping to check out the system more at NORRA


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The 2016 NORRA - LeadNav Edition files are completed for Cars

Here is the DropBox Link to access the files

Dropbox - NORRA2016

In it you will find a Cars folder with Folders broken down into Days. In each of those is a Race Route GPX file with all the Road Book notes plugged in.

Go through the days and choose each file and “Open in” LeadNav (the Blue Box with the up Arrow, usually top right) Go through the Import process.

In LeadNav you will see under MENU

NORRA C1 – LeadNav Edition
NORRA C2 – LeadNav Edition
NORRA C3 – LeadNav Edition
NORRA C4 – LeadNav Edition

Select and Run each Race Leg in MENU

*Don't forget to use the In App Map Sub. or the Pro Pack to save any background map imagery you want before you go. Otherwise you can run these Routes without any imagery on a Gray background. (Baja Satellite coverage only goes down to 15 or 16 zoom depending on the area. 17-18 will be black.)

Here is a "How to" link for saving imagery with the Pro Pack (must be logged in to see)
"Save Along Route" - Pro Feature


To drop a Marker for a known location (To mark locations passed over the Radio)

With a collection/race day loaded go MENU > MARKERS > NEW (top Right) to enter the Marker Dropper HUD.

Then drop a Marker and click on the Location Data field. Enter the coordinates and the Marker will snap to that location.

- We will be working on the Bikes Road Book over the next few days.



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What a great service for folks and looks like a cool system if you don't already have a Lowrance big screen or something.

However just one thing to mention...
Last year it was really really important to get to the Drivers Meeting each night and stop by HQ or starting line in the morning due to course GPS changes....EVERY DAY.

So please be aware folks who are downloading each day NOW, there might be changes you need to find out about and upload something else at the event.


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If you would like to Run LeadNav with the Road Book like a typical GPS you can import the GPX file straight from NORRA and convert each of their Tracks to Routes in LeadNav to Run while using their numbers and the Road Book.

If you want to run with audio and visual warnings of the entire Road Book embedded directly in LeadNav then download our versions from our forum as we have spent over 50 hours hand jamming the Road Books directly into the files. No Road Book needed.