Norra mexican 1000 event


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I sent in my entry today for the event. Although I just bought back the Volvo Burro that Bob Sinclair raced in the 1968 Baja 1000 I will be bringing the #8 Les Choat Burro. Does any one have a idea how many entries NORRA have at this point? This Cutlas belongs to a man in the Paso Robles area. He use top own the Banshee.


Marty Fiolka

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I don't know any of the details from NORRA but I do know that these entries are coming for certain...

1) Dirt Sports/EMPI 1964 VW sedan (the Elf 2!) driven by Marty Fiolka and Jim Ryan
2) Dirt Sports/1968 Ford Bronco driven by Boyd Jaynes and Bill Brindle
3) 1970s Funco Bel-Ray Bullet single seat Baja 1000 overall champion driven by Bud Feldkamp and Malcolm Smith
4) 1980s Mirage single seat SCORE champion 1-2/1600 car driven by Bill Varnes of Mirage

Many more are finalizing their efforts....but we are busy finishing the two team Dirt Sports rally entries...and can't wait for the three day run to La Paz!!



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from entry's from the National Side, rumors around at least 3 or 4 teams are planing to do this event, one from Cabo-La Paz Area, one of Mexicali and one of Ensenada, if we know more details i let you know guys.

as i told on a early post any help in the Mexicali area just shoot me a PM.