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NORRA support services


Hello to all getting ready for another NORRA 1000!
Once again Racer Services will be available for all your nightly repair needs during the rally. We have room for 2 more entrants for our nightly service and cleanup program. for $300 per night we will do a quick cleanup, check all fluids and filters, inspect all suspension steering and brakes and perform any repairs up to around 3 hours per night. Additional repairs will be charged regular shop rate.
Spend your time enjoying the cocktail parties and Baja atmosphere instead of cleaning your car! Let us do the work for you.
Everyone is welcome to use us for repairs if needed, and we will have a good supply of assorted parts, filters and fluids. Will post sat phone numbers soon.
Good luck to all! See everyone in Cabo!


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We swear by Racer Services! Three wins in four years! Enjoyed each night doing things other than working on the car knowing that the car would be perfect when we started the next day. We will no go racing NORRA without them.


Sat Phone for BoLA contact- 8816-2342-2221, we will also be listening to w-man will be in a pit spot at NORRA camp, look for yellow Chevy crewcab.
See y'all there, b safe.


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For anybody interested, we used Paul and his racer services in Loreto and they did a great job making some repairs and prepping the Humungus for the rest of the race. I hope they are available again next year. It was just the break we needed after two long days on the course.

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Paul is the Man!! Thanks for checking on us too.


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I will have to look into this myself next year. It would be well worth the money to have Paul and the guys prep my stuff while I enjoy the party. It sucked watching everyone else party while I was prepping CV's.......LOL