NORRS Announces its TV Broadcast Trio

Scott Rehn

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May 19, 2009 For Immediate Release:

NORRS Announces its TV Broadcast Trio

When the announcement was made earlier this year about the new National Off Road Racing Series, it was decided then that there was also a need for some new faces at the forefront of this fledgling touring event.

Aaron Mortenson had the task of trying to make that happen. With excitement in his voice he let the cat out of the bag this morning in naming Lea Pruitt LeDuc as the pit reporter, Scott Rehn the play by play analyst and in a big surprise, the now famous “behind the scenes” big guy, now turned color analyst, Creighton King.

Mortenson stated, “We knew right away that Lea would be a slam dunk. Her vast racing background, and love for short course in particular and let’s face it, who’s she’s married to, it turned out to be a no brainer. Besides that she will be much more than just another pretty face reporting in the pits. She will probably know the answers to some of her own questions for the drivers before they even do”.

“Scott Rehn brings over 15 years experience in all forms of motorsports announcing from all over the country. Along with his being named the 2007 National Motorsports Announcer of the Year, he brings not only his love and passion for the sport, but a pretty good resume as well.”

“And then you have Creighton King. He probably has gotten more “airtime” than anyone else in the sport. His “Behind the Scenes with Creighton King” has become a staple for this form of racing. After each event you can find him and his partner Steve Naughton coming up with something new and crazy from the world of short course racing. Creighton comes to NORRS with a pretty good background in racing himself. His area of expertise comes from the rock crawling and rock racing world. I am sure Creighton will not only add his knowledge to the technical side of short course, but I am sure we’ll see his comedian side too. He’s known for having some great one-liners which I think will only add to the broadcast.”

Don’t forget to set your DVRs or TiVos for June 6th on CBS and catch the 3 new faces for short course racing as well as all the racing action coming from Antelope Valley, CA.

Pro-Lite Brian

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Definitely going to have to watch those three!

Not sure how Creighton can fit in more time on the road... That guy puts in more hours on the job than anyone else I know! I'm interested to see how Scott comes accross on the TV, we all know he can get the crowds attention LIVE at the event.


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I have to say that it looks like NORRS is starting to make all the right moves.;)
Good luck with the first race and I hope we'll make it out there soon.


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Sounds like a good team!! With Scotts energy and the knowledge that Creighton has of all the racers it should be great!! I dont think Creighton does enough for the off-road racing community:rolleyes:


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Creighton King will be comedy with Scott on the mic it should be a good show for sure.:)