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Northeast Off Road Racing Schedule


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With the new South Holston Raceway Park beginning to gear up in the near future, we're looking forward to visiting our neighbors in the north to see how they are doing. We also will be offering an off road course, as well as road course and karting(supermoto) tracks. Hopefully we can create a Mason/Dixon, north/south rivalry(friendly of course) in off road racing. :)
Look for major announcements soon on the South Holston Raceway Park in SW Virginia.


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Sounds interesting! Keep us updated for sure. It's about 8 hours for me. A bit further than I usually travel but it could be worth the trip. Any idea when you'll have some concrete info?

Has anyone found a list of tracks for off road short course racing in our countries North East? I've tried to locate info based on previously list tracks. Most have disabled websites with the exception of Rolling Ranch. Any help?