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Northern Arizona Race for Trucks and Buggies

Kyle Krause

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Thanks to all you guys supporting AZOP. Look we are just trying to add a fun race for people that want to race local. Everyone thinks its so easy to get long courses... I would love someone to try to go get a long offroad loop in Arizona... I work everyday trying to make offroad racing better in Arizona and some people just don't get it... the funny part is I have raced with more racing organizations than most of you. I have raced ADRA, Whiplash, SCORE, BITD, WORCS, GNCC, Big 6, WeBE Racing, AMRA, MRAN and I can keep going but you get the point..

Anyways, it was just a question if you would race it or not, If not just simply say No... That's it.... and BTW when you say afterthought its not always easy to get the Government to say Yes you can right away... Thanks again to everyone that supports AZOP Racing...
Just a little perspective... 15 yrs ago Whiplash entry fee was $ 400.
Snowflake - 28 mile loop
Wickenburg was around 30 miles ?
Gila Bend - 50 miles
The Mexico races were the only " real desert races"
If I still raced I probably wouldn't be interested either. But give him a break . The good old days seem to always get better as time goes on, just like how fast I was...


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Well he also takes what he can get. The big Gila Bend course was lost when Clinton made the area a national monument on his last day in office. The vulture mine race was lost for 10 years after someone ran over a saguaro, then were busted trying to load it in a pickup. The best az race other than the Parker 425 was the Snowflake race, but a new crew took over the forest service right after the California 200 disaster, and they decided the race was going away, even though it had run for 30 years with no problem. Kyle is slowly gaining the trust of BLM and forest service with successful and safe events. Two years ago they would not allow a race on the east side of the cinder mtn rec area, which includes the cinder lake and power line roads that Whiplash used to run for 20 years. Maybe now they are considering allowing it. This is a baby step towards better racing, and no one is in a better position to get it back than Kyle and AZOP. Im grateful for his effort and hoping it will come back.
With the turn in management on public lands I would try again with the forest service on snowflake. I was told by the forest service in southern Nevada that they would look at a race on their land after trying for 10 years
Truck goes for electrical at smittys in 2 weeks, cinders is awesome weather can’t wait!
Fatassaz not sure if your being a wise ace or what, I luv your new guy comments.
Would love to meet you in person, show you the two 1st place V to R trophy’s and my disappointment 2nd place trophy. Have some respect for Kyle who pushes every day for us to race. You probably don’t even have a race car, if you did your probably to big of a wuss to come race on Sunday afternoon cause you would be getting home late.
My .02 says if your race car can’t run a local race then turn around and run a long race you have no business racing a long race and your just another Ahole in my way, oh wait your not going to Vegas anyway.


As another person who attended an AZOP race for buggies... I am not a fan of racing until dark and the next person to cross the line wins... regardless of time. No Grand Prix, no thank you.

Ghost Ranger 77

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I raced this race in 2016, was an awesome race, wish I had a truck I'd race it again... Laughlin RATR can get 450+ entry's and its a 17 mile race, but typical internet racers will find anyway they can to bash it.. Oh well, I will offer a contingency prize for any trucks the run a Lennick Motorsports stick for this race..



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Vdrive. U r so right. I don't have a race car,nor have I ever raced . I'm a just a guy who sits at a computer and talks sh##. I should sit back and say nothing or voice my opinion . The funny part is never seen u at any local races. Azop or Sadr. I dont know why u care. U race B I T D. I'm so fuc#### impressed. If u want to meet and show me those trophy I would b glad to. Once again thanks new guy or Mr BITD. Hope to meet real soon. ⚘
Wow one thing that is very clear from this is off-road racing in Arizona is far from united. Kyle I think you would have better luck herding cats.
For the record, I think Kyle does an amazing job with the bike and UTV races, but you can't open a race up for cars/trucks 2 months out and expect to have any kind of real showing. Racing sucks when you have nobody to race.

FWIW, I'm just a BITD keyboard racer, but I am working on a bike today that will run every one of the AZOP races.........